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Frequently Asked Questions

Which receipts does the system accept?
Are receipts from other stores accepted?
Are all stores participating in the game?
How many days do I have to scan a receipt?
How many receipts can I upload per day from the same store?
How many receipts can I upload?
What is the minimum amount that the system will accept?
What is the maximum amount the system will accept?
How many points per Forint?
What is the maximum number of points I can earn in a week?
I cannot scan my receipt, what should I do?
My receipt does not have an AP code, what should I do?
Do I get points for an invoice?
How do I know how many points I have received for my receipt?
I did not get any points for my receipt, why?
How many gifts can I redeem?
How can I redeem a gift?
How can I contact the organizer?
How can I delete my account?
What extra points can I earn within the app?
How long may I collect my points?
How can I reach a new level?