SPOT is available now!

SPOT, the renewed joint loyalty app of Mammut and Arena Mall is available now!

Hello SPOT

We have a big news for you: we are launching SPOT, a new joint loyalty app of Mammut and Arena Mall, on 2 August!

Douglas renewal

Douglas Mammut store is open in a beautiful, renewed setting from 15 July.

Cinema City promotion

Go to the cinema, play with your ticket and win!

Libri: 2+1 adventures for the summer

These are the extras that we are still looking forward to this summer: 2+1 special offers on books from the Libri Publishing Group, Scolar and Jaffa!

Tchibo: Stronger together

Sportswear adds to the fun of sport.

Movie premieres from 07.28

Cinema City welcomes you with new movies this week as well.

Buda helps

We still accept donations at Mammut Shopping Center as we joined the II. district fundraising to help refugees from Ukraine

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