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Libri: We'll liven up the spring

Young adult literature, bestsellers, romance, action, biographies with 30-70% discount!*

Libri: Colourful stories

The Libri Publishing Group has hundreds of colourful stories waiting for you to read! In our March promotion, you can buy from our discounted selection at 30-80% off*.

BioTechUSA 3+1 protein offer

100% Pure Whey 4 x 454 g flavoured whey protein complex is available for 17 970 Ft at the BioTechUSA store between 01-31 March.

Scitec Nutrition 2+1 offer

100% Whey Protein Professional (500 g, 2+1) protein powder is available for 19 470 Ft at Scitec Nutrition between 01-31 March