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'Muscle builder' offer

100% Whey Isolate (2000 g) whey isolate for 23 990 HUF between 01-28 February at the Scitec Nutrition store.

BioTechUSA 3+1 protein offer

Vegan Protein 500g (3+1) flavoured vegetable protein drink powder is available for 20 970 Ft between 01-28 February at the BioTechUSA Store.

BioTechUSA: Multivitamin offer

One-A-Day (100 tablets) is available in BioTechUSA stores for 4 490 Ft from January 30 to February 5.

Pepco: Pampering softness

If you're fed up with grey days, check out our Pepco stores and freshen up your home!