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The DIGI Kft, which is developing dynamically, is one of Hungary’s major telecommunications provider. The number of its private subscribers all over the country exceeds 850.000.

It extends complex and reliable telecommunication services in high quality and an excellent value for money on its most advanced, state of the art fibre optic network.

DIGI has been offering its customers since 2014 all over the country its residential cable internet package, which ensures super speed on its 1000 Mbit/s band width.

It has a singular in the market channels of its own production: DIGI Film, DIGI World, DIGI Life and DIGI Animal World, as well as its sports channels, which are granted noted sports rights like DIGI Sport 1, DIGI Sport 2 and DIGI Sport 3. They render our TV packages even more popular.

The long-term product strategy and financial model of our offers ensure stable and low pricing. 

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