Your safety is our priority

We have good news before the Christmas shopping: Mammut has received the Covid-compliant certification as a safe shopping mall.

The Swedish Safe Asset Group, an international organization involved in the inspection of safe commercial facilities, checked Covid compliance among shopping malls volunteering for the exaimination in Budapest. Mammut has met strict international standards in preparing reducing the risks of the coronavirus pandemic. 

In the fight agains the pandemic, Mammut has introduced the following rules, in accordance with the regulations of the Hungarian Government: 

  1. Wearing a mask is mandatory throughout the shopping centers, the customers can buy masks in several stores and mask sales points.
  2. Hand sanitizers are available an regularly refilled at the frequently visited areas 
  3. Floor stickers are placed to help keep the proper distance
  4. The number of people in the elevators at the same time is limited according to the size of the elevator.
  5. Resting places were eliminated in order to reduce contacts and keep the distance.
  6. Heavily circulated spaces are disinfected at least 3 times a day, and immediately if required 
  7. Surfaces often touched by visitors (elevators' buttons, handrails, faucets, handles, etc) are being regularly disinfected 
  8. Regular disinfection consists of several phases according to a strict system: pre-cleaning, disinfectant cleaning, final disinfection.
  9. The mall is ventilated regularly and more often than usual 
  10. In order to create the proper distance and a safe customer environment, we have developed detailed recommendations for the stores and we ask their cooperation in keeping them.

Take care of ourselves, take care of each other! Have a safe shopping.

More information available here.

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