What we do for your safety

Mammut Shopping and Entertainment Centre has taken preventive measures aimed at limiting the risk of spreading the virus, aligned with the authorities' recommendations.

The safety of our clients is of crucial importance for us, so we have taken the following steps:

  • Elevators' buttons and handrails are being regularly disinfected 
  • Heavily circulated spaces are disinfected properly and regulary 
  • Hand sanitizers are available at the frequently visited areas 
  • The mall is naturally ventilated periodically
  • In order to reduce the number of contact points and keep the distance the benches are put away
  • Floor stickers are placed to help keep the proper distance, one-way only policy was introduced on the connecting bridges
  • We suggest limiting the number of people in elevators to 4 
  • Vending machines for masks are placed at the ground floor of Mammut I. (nex to the information deks) and Mammut II. (entrance from Lövőház Street)
  • Guidelines about safe shopping can be found at the entrances and information desks 

In order to protect your and everyone  else's health please follow our guidelines. More information available here.

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