Reserved spring campaign

The Reserved Spring campaign, photographed by Mateusz Stankiewicz, is characterised by simple and practical silhouettes, while also incorporating decorative elements and the key trends of the spring season. The collection was inspired by European traditions, combining design elements from the past with modern classics, and more formal pieces with more casual, everyday styles.

A stylish yet practical capsule wardrobe can be put together, for women who are up-to-date but not looking for clothes that are just for one season. In the spirit of practicality, one of the key pieces in the collection cannot be other than an oversized balloon jacket in beige, which this spring can be paired with a black jacket or a blue satin shirt. The classic base is diversified with lace detailing, ruffles, floral print blouses and spring-inspired floral print dresses.

The colours are more subdued than we were used to last season - a palette of beige, off-white, black and blue, complemented by sage green or smoky pink. Floral patterns in different sizes on a black and white background are used this time to decorate dresses, trousers and lightweight shirts. This collection puts more emphasis on the texture of the fabric: lace, embroidery, jacquard, structural jersey or openwork knits. There are fully and partially crocheted pieces, knitted ruffles and embroidered trims, quilted and decorative trims.

The Spring 2023 collection is both airy and structured. This effect is achieved by combining contrasting elements such as raw denim or technical fabrics with sheer knits or decorative details. The brand's designers have created a modern version of the urban uniform that is both comfortable and practical: functional with understated embellishments.

Reserved spring campaign


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