Gift full of love

We tend to think only of our partner on Valentine's Day, but it's a great opportunity to surprise the people who matter to us, whether it's our best friend, family member or even our favourite colleague. Inspired by this, we would like to give a gift to our customers who visit us on Valentine's Day!
Come and visit us on 14 February and send a message to your loved ones via the chalkboard on the ground floor of Mammut II, and we will give you a Mammut shopping voucher worth HUF 2000 in return!* And if you are in the mood to send a voucher to your loved ones, we will also give you a limited edition envelope to accompany your Mammut voucher on Valentine's Day, so you can make your gift really personal!

If you're coming as a couple, visit our Facebook and Instagram pages for tips on the perfect Valentine's Day date, and our selfie point where you can take a photo to remember your time together.

For more details and a list of redemption points, click here.

*The first 500 visitors who leave a message on the chalkboard will receive a voucher. To receive the voucher, the visitor must provide their name and address, which is required for tax purposes.

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