Mammut has recently received the Covid-compliant certification as a safe shopping mall from Safe Asset Group.We've strated the strict compliance process in order to provide as safe an environment as possible for our customers during the Christmas shopping period and next year as well.

The certification received after a rigorous qualification process demonstrates that Mammut is prepared to deal with the risks of the coronavirus epidemic according to international standards.

The following security rules apply in Mammut in accordance with the measures taken by the Government of Hungary:

  1. Mask is mandatory in the shopping malls, our customers can purchase masks in several stores.
  2. Hand disinfection stations  are placed in the busiest parts of the buildings and are refilled regularly.
  3. Disinfectant cleaning is done at least 3 times a day and immediately if needed, in the areas used by visitors.
  4. Surfaces frequently touched by visitors (handles, elevator buttons, railings, faucets, rubber railings for escalators, etc.) are disinfected with increased frequency.
  5. Regular disinfection according to a strict classification system consists of several phases: pre-cleaning, disinfectant cleaning, final disinfection.
  6. The buildings are ventilated regularly and more often than usual.
  7. In order to create the right distance and a safe customer environment, we have developed and distributed detailed recommendations for the stores asking for their active participation.
  8. We inform our visitors about safe shopping at the information materials posted at the entrances and online.

We wish you a safe shopping!

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