Consume Responsibly

Did you know that you can contribute to a cleaner and more sustainable future through your purchases and choices?
Don't leave it to chance, trust your choices! Choose environmentally friendly alternatives to plastic.

If you want to shop more consciously and take better care of our environment, visit where we'll lift the veil on the mysteries of plastics, give you tips on how to reduce plastic pollution and lots of useful information on separate collection and recycling!

On our Facebook and Instagram pages, we'll also be showcasing the season's TOP 50 eco-friendliest pieces for the duration of the campaign.
Follow our social platforms to find your recycle summer favourites too!

And if you want to win a gift pack of Mammut's eco-friendly products worth nearly 100.000 HUF, all you have to do is list 3 brands that support eco-consciousness with their products and can be found at Mammut in the comments below the game call post on our Facebook page! You can read more about the game here.
You can also enter the weekly prizes. Play with us and Win! Up to 4x until 31 July!

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