Choose peace

Your purchase now means a donation.

Between 1- 30 June, every purchase over 10 000 HUF will support the work of the Red Cross.

Time of campaign: 1-30 JUNE 2022.

What do you need to do if you want to participate?

  1. Shop at Mammut stores*.
  2. Show your receipt for purchases over HUF 10 000 to our hostess, who will be at the hostess desk on the ground floor of Mammut II between 10.00 and 18.00 during the campaign.
  3. The total amount of the receipts presented will be registered by our hostess.
  4. Mammut will donate 1%** of the total amount of the receipts registered during the campaign to the Red Cross.
  5. The Red Cross will use the donated amount to help mothers and children who have fled Ukraine.

In exchange for your participation, you will be rewarded with a souvenir.

Moreover, the first 3,000 participants will also receive a limited number of custom-made gym bags made from recycled materials.

If you would like to show your support for our initiative, you can place one of our origami peace doves on our dedicated installation.
Let's fill the tree with doves together and show how many of us choose peace!

The terms and conditions of "Choose Peace!" charity campaign is available here.

*Support does not include postal, telephone or bill payments to any service provider.
**maximum 10.000 Euro.

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