BioTechUSA: protein offer

Iso Whey Zero 2270g whey protein isolate with Native Whey Isolate, sugar*, lactose** and gluten free, with added BCAA and glutamine amino acids is available for 23990 Ft between 1-30 September at the BioTechUSA store.

Products may vary in packaging, color, flavor and size as shown in photo. *Sugar free: 0.5g sugar/100ml in ready-to-drink beverage. **For higher dilutions, the ready-to-drink product is lactose-free. ***Gluten-free in accordance with European Union legislation.

BioTechUSA: protein offer



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BioTechUSA: Hyper Mass offer

Hyper Mass 4000g carbohydrate and protein drink powder is available for 18990 Ft between 18-24 September at the BioTechUSA store.

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