Selecting the perfect gift is not an easy task. Despite the careful attention, meticulous planning, ideas about the needs of the recipient, it may occur to anyone at any time that, the surprise believed to be perfect unfortunately is not ideal. Gift Mammut Shopping Vouchers and leave the choice to the recipient!

Vouchers can be purchased at the information desk on the ground floor in Mammut II.
Vouchers can only be purchased for cash.

The voucher is available in denominations of two thousand and five thousand HUF, and can be purchased at the information desk on the ground floor in Mammut II.

Voucher accepted

Interior Design


(hereinafter referred to as GTC)


The scope of GTC


The scope of present GTC extends to the legal relationship formed between the vouchers issued by Mammut Management Korlátolt Felelősségű Társaság (registered seat: 1024 Budapest, Lövőház u 2-6; company registration number: 01-09-304362; taxation number: 26146274-2-41 (hereinafter referred to as Issuer) as well as the vouchers, which were issued by MAMMUT Zrt prior to this GTC entered into force and are still valid on the disclosure date of present GTC (hereinafter referred to as Voucher) and the person purchasing, owing and/or using the Voucher (hereinafter referred to as User) in relation to the purchase and use of the Voucher.


Purchase of the Vouchers


2.1. Every natural person having legal capacity and legal entity has the right to purchase the Voucher.

2.2. The Voucher may be purchased only in paper format at the following sites and times:

  • at the information desk on the ground floor in Mammut I. and Mammut II. Shopping and Entertainment Centre (1024 Budapest, Lövőház u 2-6.; a hereinafter referred to as MAMMUT II. Shopping and Entertainment Centre, hereinafter referred to as Mall) during the working hours between 10 am and 6 pm; or
  • at other sites stipulated by the Issuer.

2.3. By purchasing the Voucher and/or acquiring it in any other ways, the User hereby declares that he/she is aware of the provisions of present GTC and approves it.

2.4. Simultaneously with purchasing the Voucher, the User shall pay the amount in Hungarian forints equivalent to the denomination of the Voucher to the Issuer.

2.5. The purchase price of the Voucher shall not differ from the denomination of the Voucher.

2.6. The amount of the purchased Vouchers may extend to the available amount at the point of sales, but it is limited to the amount stipulated by Section 6 of Act LIII of 2017 on the Prevention and Combating of Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing (HUF 2,500,000 at present) by Users and transactions (including closely related independent transactions of certain Users based on the reasonable discretion of the Issuer).

2.7. The use of the Voucher is non-personal, the User is free to assign the Voucher to any other parties, but on the other hand, it may not be marketed by the User as in the course of ordinary business only the Issuer is entitled to sell them.

2.8. At the time of assigning the Voucher, the User shall ensure that the person to which the Voucher has been assigned admits all the provisions of present GTC.

2.9. Denominations of the Voucher:

  • HUF 2.000 and
  • HUF 5.000

2.10. The Issuer is authorised to issue the Vouchers in denominations other than the above denominations, or to suspend or to discontinue the distribution of certain denominations that shall not affect the Vouchers marketed by the Issuer before and still not used by the Users.

2.11. The number of Vouchers marketed and available at the certain points of sale is determined by the Issuer unilaterally considering the customer needs.

2.12. The Vouchers shall contain at least the following information:

  • Name of the Issuer;
  • Reference to the Voucher;
  • Denomination of the Voucher;
  • Reference to the Period of validity

2.13. The Issuer is authorised to modify the format and content of the Vouchers at all times that shall not affect the validity of the Vouchers sold by the Issuer before, but still not used by the Users.

2.14. The Voucher does not constitute cash, security or negotiable instrument.

2.15. Following the use defined in section 4 of present GTC, the Voucher shall be annulled by the accepting Participating business. The annulled Voucher can be used for the settlement between the Participating business and the Issuer exclusively.

2.16. The Issuer may annul the owned Vouchers at any time.

2.17. The Vouchers shall be free of damage. The damaged or incomplete Vouchers shall not be used as a voucher. The Voucher does not constitute cash and/or security. The use of fake or falsified Vouchers shall constitute a criminal offense.

2.18. The Participating business is authorised to refuse the approval of expired, damaged, incomplete Vouchers or the Vouchers that it considers fake or falsified at its own discretion, and/or the inevitably unjustified use of the Voucher.


Handling of cash received during the sales of the Vouchers

3.1. The sold Vouchers may not be exchanged to cash. The Issuer shall not pay or credit any interests for the cash received during the purchase of the Vouchers for the benefit of the Users.


Use of the Vouchers


4.1. The Voucher may be used only for the purchase of goods and services provided by the shops accepting the Vouchers issued by the Mall (hereinafter referred to as Participating business).

4.2. The Voucher is considered to be used when the customer hands it over to the Participating business. The Participating business annuls and keeps the Voucher after the use. One certain Voucher may be used only once.

4.3. In the case of purchasing goods and/or services with the Voucher, the same rules apply as if the goods or services were paid by cash.

4.4. The list of Participating businesses may be available at the website of the Issuer ( The capacity of the Participating business is validated with a sticker placed at the entrance of the shop. The Voucher may be used only at the Participating business.

4.5. The Participating business is authorised to refuse the acceptance of the damaged or incomplete Vouchers. The Issuer shall not take responsibility for the decision of the Participating business in relation to refusing the acceptance of the Voucher in harmony with present GTC.

4.6. The general terms and conditions of the affected Participating business shall apply for the purchase paid with the Voucher. The Issuer does not warrant or take responsibility for the purchased goods or services, the breach or any other unlawful behaviour by the affected Participating business.

4.7. The Voucher may be used under the Period of validity to compensate for the purchase price of the goods or services to be purchased in part or in whole.

4.8. The Voucher may be used up to the total value of its denomination without any deductions, but only to its extent and only once, irrespective of its denomination.

4.9. If the purchase price of the bought goods or services is less than the value of the Voucher, the Participating business is not obliged to reimburse the difference between the purchase price and the denomination of the Voucher.

4.10. The Voucher shall be considered valid under the period indicated in the Voucher (hereinafter referred to as the Period of validity). The Voucher may be used within the Period of validity exclusively.

4.11. Neither the Issuer nor the Participating businesses are obliged to inspect by the examination of the personality whether the User acquired the affected Voucher lawfully. The Issuer does not take responsibility for any damage arising from the unlawful use of the Voucher.

4.12. The loss, damage or destruction of the Voucher does not entitle the holder to claim a replacement voucher or the reimbursement of the value of the Voucher.


Redemption and annulment of the Vouchers


5.1. The damaged or incomplete Vouchers shall not be used, the Participating businesses are not obliged to accept them.

5.2. The Vouchers may not be redeemed either under or after the Period of validity. The Voucher may not be used after the Period of validity, and the Issuer is not obliged to redeem the value equivalent to the denomination of the Voucher.

5.3. The User is not authorised to redeem the Voucher directly at the Issuer.

5.4. The redemption of the Vouchers by the Participating businesses is possible at the registered office of the Issuer on every Fridays between 10-12 am if it is a business day.

5.5. The Issuer compensates the value of the Vouchers to the Participating businesses by wire transfer within 8 business days of the receipt.


Complaint management

6.1. The Issuer provides the opportunity for the management of complaints relating the sales, use and annulment of the Vouchers as well as for the administration of the Vouchers at the information desks of the Mall during the working hours, and/or at the following availabilities:

  • E-mail:
  • Correspondence address: 1024 Budapest, Lövőház utca 2-6.

6.2. All the documents received from the Issuer during the purchase or the use of the Voucher shall be presented at the same time in the case of a complaint regarding the sales or use of the Voucher.

6.3. In favour of avoiding any misunderstandings, the Issuer hereby declares that with the complaints regarding the goods or services purchased at a certain Participating business, the User shall seek the affected Participating business.



7.1. Present GTC shall be interpreted in accordance with the Hungarian law.

7.2. If any provisions of this GTC are considered or become invalid or illegal, the invalid or invalid provision shall be regarded as it was independent of the rest of present GTC and it may not affect the validity, legality or applicability of the valid provisions.

7.3. Based on section 6:208 of the Hungarian Civil Code, the Issuer is authorised to assign its rights and obligations arising from present GTC, and/or its contractual position to any third parties, to which the User grants its preliminary consent by approving present GTC.

7.4. Present GTC enters into force on the day of disclosing it on the Issuer’s website (

7.5. The Issuer reserves the right to amend the content of present GTC and the amended GTC enters into force on the day of disclosing it on the Issuer’s website (

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