L E V I ’ S ® A L T E R E D C O L L E C T I O N F O R F A L L 2 0 1 7

For over 144 years, the Levi’s® brand has created iconic clothing that’s loved around the world.

Dress to Express.

@KarlieKloss embodies the multifaceted woman with sparkling statements of unique style.

Limited taste in Starbucks

Coconut Frappuccino

Natural cosmetics

Deodorants and shower gels in the Mammut Pharmacy

Swarowski sale

50% sales

Play and win!

Play with Süel for a Sziget ticket

blubella collection

Blubella,the perfect comfort

Shoes with bags

Just which fits You

Vichy discount

Every 2nd product with 50% discount

The voices of Levi’s®

The connection between Levi’s® and music

DM mini products

Spare place with mini products


Change of the parking system


Bring your Hervis sportsclub card with you!

Summer wear

Unique appearance

Now open!

The new cinema is now open

Uriage discount

Uriage eye creams for HUF 999

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