Italian fashion for the female soul

My darlings, I could hardly wait to get closer to you, and this dream of mine came true by opening our store in Budapest.

New Starbucks espresso capsules

Four different type of coffee, sealed in Starbucks espresso capsules are availabe now

Discount at Optiris Optika

Discount at Optiris Optika

We love jeans

From Tchibo


03 March 2018


Jean sale

Angels' jewellry

Special jewellry in Juta

Hervis reopens

Megújul a Hervis

Special flavour

from Nespresso

Play with DIGI and you can win!

5 years anniversary

Give your favorite Starbucks latte a new twist,

Give your favorite Starbucks latte a new twist, and try it with almond drink, or ask for a delicious macchiato with one of Starbucks' milk alternatives.

Levi's Coach

There is no excuse - Ready for the winter

Hispanitas boots

The new elegance

Promod sale

Even 50% discount

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