New Starbucks espresso capsules

The Starbucks espresso capsules are available in Hungary now. Just like before the espresso capsules are made with some of the finest Starbucks 100% Arabica coffees.

The four types are based on the already popular coffee types in Starbucks. Therefore we can enjoy the caramelly sweetness of the Roast Espresso and the exclusiveness of three different single-origin coffees, the Guatemala, the Colombia and the Kenya. The Guatemala Antigua, coming from the fields of South-America has the flavour of lemon, chocolate, and soft spice notes quite unique to the region. The Colombia has a strong unique taste with a light touch of nutty flavours and juicy tastes. While the Kenya brings us some light citrus flavours and low wine notes, which we can enjoy sealed in the finest Starbucks espresso capsules from now.

New Starbucks espresso capsules


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