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Today our icons, like the 501® jean and Trucker jacket, have become canvases for customization and self-expression. At Levi’s®, we’re fans of lived-in and vintage denim; we’re even bigger fans of customization and deconstruction. As a result, we’re introducing the Levi’s® Altered Collection for Fall 2017 – a collection that epitomizes our creative approach to remastering classic designs.  

For men’s and women’s, we deconstructed and altered our most coveted fits, creating unique pieces that speak to the process of customization with details such as twisted seams, covered coin pockets and staggered shadow patches. All available in a range of essential finishes.


“We wanted to play with the idea of ‘Altered’ because it's something that people have always done with Levi's® - modify them and customize them, make them their own. And Altered for us means literally altered, but it also means alternative and different, and it almost speaks to being socially alternative as well as physically alternative,” says Jonathan Cheung, Levi’s® Head of Design.



Men’s Altered styles include new takes on the iconic Trucker Jacket playing on pieced, varied shades of denim. A selection of men’s truckers will also feature authentically sourced vintage Levi’s® fabric, cut and sewn and reworked into the silhouette. The 501® and 511™ jeans are deconstructed and put back together and left with raw hems.



For women’s, we’ve crafted the Altered 711, 721 and 501® Skinny. All design details are purposeful and speak to the customization process—twisted seams, covered coin pockets, staggered shadow patches & darts with finish ranges from washed blacks to tinted indigos. 

The Levi’s® Altered Collection for Fall 2017 is derived from watching our loyal fans customize their own product, but now we’ve done the work for you and applied some of our favorite tweaks to our iconic products.


L E V I ’ S ®   A L T E R E D   C O L L E C T I O N   F O R   F A L L   2 0 1 7

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