Legal Statement

1. General Disclaimer

Accessing and using the website of Mammut Shopping and Entertainment Center is allowed exclusively under the following terms and conditions, and in harmony with the laws of the Republic of Hungary.

2. Copyright Statement

The website of Mammut Shopping and Entertainment Center is copyright protected. Mammut Szolgáltató Zrt (Mammut Supply Plc.), the operator of Mammut Shopping and Entertainment Center is the owner or the authorized user of the copyright and other intellectual property rights of all texts, images, sounds, software or other material found on the website.

The user may read or make extracted copies of the website of Mammut Shopping and Entertainment Center by printing, downloading to a disc or transmitting to a third person, but in each case solely for a personal, exploratory, non-commercial purpose. It is prohibited to sell or transmit any part of the website for a commercial gain, or incorporating it into another work, publication or website. In addition to the above, Mammut Szolgáltató Zrt. does not provide any other authorization in relation to its website.

3. Trademark Statement

All trademarks (brand name, logo, etc.) used on the website of Mammut Shopping and Entertainment Center are the property of, or under the licence of Mammut Szolgáltató Zrt.

4. Website Content

Information on the website has been placed in good faith, and its sole purpose is to inform. The information therein should not be used for any purpose other than exploratory, and Mammut Szolgáltató Zrt. is not liable for the accuracy or completeness of such information.

Neither Mammut Szolgáltató Zrt., nor its employees or agents assume any liability for any loss, damage, or costs (including –without limit- any loss of profit, indirect, accessory or consequential loss) resulting from accessing or using the website of Mammut Shopping and Entertainment Center.

Mammut Szolgáltató Zrt. reserves the right to make any changes, corrections to its website at any time it deems it necessary, without prior notice.

5. Related Websites

The website of Mammut Shopping and Entertainment Center may contain links (so-called hyperlinks or hypertexts), that provide automatic connectivity to other sites on the internet. These related websites may be owned and managed by third parties.

Mammut Szolgáltató Zrt. only provides access to the related websites, and does not assume any sort of liability, responsibility for such websites or for the information therein, not even if they have been reviewed or approved by an employee or an agent of Mammut Shopping and Entertainment Center.

6. Data Privacy- Collection and Use of Personal Data

Mammut Szolgáltató Zrt. respects the personal rights and data of the users of its website. By personal data we mean data suitable for identifying users, such as: name, address, telephone number and e-mail address.

Mammut Szolgáltató Zrt. only records personal data provided voluntarily by the user. Once user has shared his or her personal information on the website, they also authorize Mammut Szolgáltató Zrt. to use this information in the way and for the purpose described and specifically defined on the website.

The personal data provided by the user on the website will be stored in the database of Mammut Szolgáltató Zrt. The processing of their data is conducted in a strictly confidential manner by Mammut Szolgáltató Zrt., currently Redworks Budapest Ltd. In case the user does not consent to the future use of his or her data, they should send a separate notification about this to the e-mail address.

The website may contain elements (Send an e-card), where third parties’ personal data must be provided. The data of third parties provided by the user will not be used in the future for any purpose by Mammut Szolgáltató Zrt., other than to send the electronic card. The data will not be subsequently stored by Mammut Szolgáltató Zrt.

The personal data provided voluntarily by the user – unless otherwise agreed or in a way and for purposes other than specified on the website- will be used by Mammut Szolgáltató Zrt., in accordance with the following terms:

  • For the purpose of sending material to the name and address .
  • For providing information by post, by mail or by telephone about promotions and events of Mammut.
  • For promotional purposes related to the shops found in Mammut (participation in lottery, sending newsletters, promoting products/services)
  • Also, in case of winning a gift, for publishing it on the website of Mammut.

The website may display the nickname provided by the user only in the course of using some services (forum), for the purpose of personal data protection.

If items are shipped to the user by Mammut Szolgáltató Zrt., it is necessary to provide user’s data to other companies in order to ensure the smooth and quickest possible access to such items. These shipping agencies and other companies are subsequently not entitled to use user’s personal data in any way. Mammut Szolgáltató Zrt. is obliged to issue the user’s personal information if it is required by law, court order or other authority.

What you need to know about spams: these are files or pieces of information downloaded from the website by your internet browser and stored on your computer. It is with the help of such spams that when revisiting the website the server storing the website’s material recognizes that the user has visited the website previously and has provided certain data, therefore they are not prompted again.

Most internet browsers are set to accept spams. If the user sees fit, they can adjust their browser to reject them or to give warning about spams being sent to their computer. In case of rejecting them it is possible that the user may not be able to access some parts of the website or receive personalized information.

Mammut Szolgáltató Zrt. would like to continually improve its services by counting the visitors of some pages based on the number of clicks per page or per image.

The Website may save information from your computer such as IP address (a number that identifies the machine each time the user visits a page), the type of browser used, and the operating system of the computer. All of these serve to provide a true web experience and effective source of information to the website’s users. Such information is not personal data.

Mammut Szolgáltató Zrt. takes every reasonable measure to ensure the confidential handling of user’s personal data. Access to all personal information provided by the user is strictly limited in order to prevent unauthorized access, alteration of personal data, and their unauthorized use.

7. The use of the website’s services

Use of games:  If the user uses the internet games and other applications found on the website or if he or she participates in sweepstakes, they must accept that the issuance of prizes may be refused by the companies operating the website in cases where it is probable that the prizes were obtained due to the defect of the website or the malfunction of the games, regardless of whether these errors or malfunctions can be related to the companies operating the website or are consequences of external causes.

User disclosures:  Material, information or other disclosures (forum entries, wording e-cards) sent or transferred to the pages mentioned herein by the user are neither considered confidential, nor intellectual property rights protected. The companies operating the website do not assume any liability related to such Disclosures. It is prohibited to send or transfer to or from the website any material that is unlawful, threatening, libellous, defamatory, obscene, pornographic or otherwise illegal.

Forums, Chat rooms:  The companies operating the website are entitled but not obliged to review or screen the parts of the pages or the contents of texts on the pages where users send or transmit their disclosures, or where users communicate among themselves exclusively, including but not limited to chat rooms, bulletin boards and other user forums.

The companies operating the website do not assume any responsibility related to the content of Disclosures arising from a legislation regarding copyright, libel, private interest and privacy protection, obscenity or other unlawful acts. The companies operating the website reserve the right to remove texts prejudicial to the interests of the companies operating the website or of third parties that are unlawful, threatening, slandering, defamatory, obscene, pornographic or otherwise illegal, or the texts that qualify as such.

8. Changing Legal Notices

Mammut Szolgáltató Zrt. reserves the right to make changes effected within its own competence, but in each case it shall inform its users on the relevant part of the website.

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