The CİNEMApink equips all of its halls with Sony 4K projectors, which provide higher contrast ratios and the currently available best picture quality. The rooms are equipped with Dolby Atmos 360 sound system and JBL speakers.

Every hall of CİNEMApink has an above-average legroom of 145 cm (the average movie legroom is 100-120 cm), and all this can be enjoyed by the audience in 70 centimeters wide, giant leather chairs custom-designed for CİNEMApink. For couples we also recommend the double "love-chair".

Special for CİNEMApink movie theatres is that they have a unique library of carefully selected books, which visitors can borrow without further ado and flip through the books in the cinema foyer.


  • 2D: HUF 1,950
  • Discounted 2D : HUF 1,500
  • Family 2D (2 adults and 2 children): HUF 6,000 (or 1500 HUF/ticket)
  • 3D: HUF 2,050
  • 3D glasses: HUF 200
  • Discounted 3D: HUF 1,600
  • Marked last shows every: HUF 1,200

The exact movie titles can be found on the official Facebook page of the movie:

We welcome all movie lovers!

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